• Sharing of returned commission

    Promotion of domestic service return scheme,I made money!

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    Help you upload more products,And more refined product settings!

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    Exclusive discount for designated member products!

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    moreVIPFree use of functions!

Worry free shop

VIPMember product platform specialist assists in opening a store(Assisting in launching products)。

Member discount

The platform will irregularly carry out some activities aimed at this platformVIPMembers' marketing activities,A discount promotion will be specified for some or all products,The member price is limited toVIPMembers enjoy。

VIPSpecial area

We are committed to providing you with one-stop enterprise services,Develop more practical functions forVIPFree for members,as:Purchase, sales and storage system、Logistics services、Express inquiry system、Customer relationship management system、Business Behavior Analysis System、Enterprise marketing promotion auxiliary system, etc(See platform announcement for specific progressVIPSpecial area,You can also inform us of your needs,We will follow up your needs after evaluation)。

Sharing of returned commission

Ways of participation:Log in to your account->Personal Center->My Members->Promotion margin;

Domestic service return rules:Ask customer service for details(Every time you“Invite to push new”We all remember“salary”)。

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